Author: John Bierly

Reader and writer of sword fighters, space people, and super heroes

Fandalorians: A Star Wars Podcast for a Growing Galaxy #21

Sean Gerber and I review Chapter 2 of THE MANDALORIAN, “The Child,” in which Rick Famuyiwa joins the storytelling family from a long-ago galaxy far, far away with an exciting installment of true grit, Indiana Jones-sized action, and classic Star Wars magic! Hear us on iTunes and SoundCloud! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Star Wars Fandalorians!

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Swamp Things #32: “A Murder of Crows”

Robert Reineke and I dive into Alan Moore’s SWAMP THING #48, “A Murder of Crows,” with analysis and narrative readings! I’m really proud of this one; I got to be Swamp Thing, John Constantine, “Judith Iscariot,” and the chief Brujería, and I’d strained my voice so badly by the end of the six-minute middle reading …

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