Author: John Bierly

Reader and writer of sword fighters, space people, and super heroes

Regarding BATMAN #52

After kicking Mr. Freeze’s ice and straight-up murdering a urinal in the men’s room at Gotham South Court, Bruce Wayne seems a bit more composed here than he was when we saw him last. And he’d better be! Because even though his fellow 11 jurors have already agreed on his frigid foe’s fate, Bruce is …

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Once again, Antoine Fuqua effortlessly blends vignettes of humanity and heart with ruthlessly crafted sequences of Denzel Washington wreaking the wrath of God upon bad guys who’ve got it coming; the finale swaps the home improvement store for a hurricane. Superb.

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Regarding BATMAN #51

Mister Freeze is on trial after a brutal beating by Batman, and now Bruce Wayne is on the jury! This issue ticks the boxes of every cliché and worst-scenario I feared this book would devolve into in the aftermath of the “wedding,” but Tom King keeps it fun, fresh, and utterly great, with a final …

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