Author: John Bierly

Reader and writer of sword fighters, space people, and super heroes

Regarding BATMAN (2016) #67

Atop the black facade of a Gotham City high-rise framed against dirty clouds of industrial dusk, the wind shapes Batman’s cape into a black-leather finger that points at another masked man standing at the edge with his back to the ledge. An unusual corpse lies between them. Down, down, down they go. “All the Way …

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Regarding BATMAN (2016) #66

When Selina Kyle ditched Bruce Wayne at the altar back in issue 50 because she suddenly decided he couldn’t be happy and still be Batman, I didn’t believe it. Neither did writer Tom King… and neither did Selina Kyle. “Knightmares” continues! The Question guests! Among 80 years of Batman comics, it’s one of the best! …

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