Author: John Bierly

Reader and writer of sword fighters, space people, and super heroes

Regarding BATMAN #63

The “Knightmares” continue! Writer Tom King, artist Mikel Janín, and colorist extraordinaire Jordie Bellaire take us right back up to that fateful rooftop from issue 50, where a crestfallen Bruce Wayne sadly accepts that Selina Kyle won’t be showing up for their wedding. Until she does. Right down to the “I do” and the honeymoon. …

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Regarding BATMAN #62

After recently delivering the brain-bending, heart-rending ending to their 12-issue MISTER MIRACLE series, writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads place another hero into a surreal situation demanding death-defying escape. Batman talks his body through the savagely visceral steps to freedom from the slaughterhouse where a preening, knife-wielding Professor Pyg intends to chop him into …

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