Scrantonicity: Office webisodes return this Thursday!

Now that another excellent season of The Office has ended and I’m itching for the next one to begin, I’ve decided to reach deep into my “that was a good idea but I can’t keep up with it and/or do it the justice it deserves” drawer and bring back Scrantonicity, my meager attempt to offer news and commentary about The Office.

It’s all about the Dunder Mifflin, baby, so let’s ease back into things with something sweet:

NBC’s official site is going to begin airing a new series of “webisodes” beginning with “Kevin’s Loan” this Thursday, July 10, at 3 p.m. Eastern Time.

The NBC synopsis says that Kevin (Brian Baumgartner, who did Emmy-worthy work in the season finale) goes to interesting lengths to pay back his mounting gambling debts. Oscar (Oscar Nunez), Stanley the Manley (Leslie David Baker) and Darryl (Craig Robinson) also appear.

And there you go. Wasn’t that easy?

Don’t forget to watch the previous batch of webisodes at the link above, and tune in on Thursday for the first of the new ones!