Entertainment Weekly is under "Arrest"

What the hell, Entertainment Weekly?

But I’m still optimistic about this.

Here’s some background.

Two days ago, EW posted Jeffrey Tambor’s comments about a possible Arrested Development movie, and I was very happy.

But today they posted this story saying there’s no script and no green light.

I call poppycock.

I realize Jason Bateman’s being cautious realistic and I love him to death for that, but I also think there’s more going on with this than we know about it.

And I believe it will happen.

And shame on the writer for not making it clear that Bateman’s comments about Michael Cera were a joke; next thing you know, idiot tabloids will be proclaiming a feud between Bateman and Cera.

Don’t worry, gang. I’m going to stay on top of this one.