Jeffrey Tambor, who played Bluth twins George and Oscar on Arrested Development in one of the greatest and most hilarious dual roles in television history, said something very interesting at the premiere of his latest film, Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop:

Bluth family lovers, rejoice! Former Arrested Development costar Jeffrey Tambor has confirmed published reports that a movie version of the Emmy-winning Fox comedy is in the works. “After months of speculation, I think we have finally figured out for sure that we are indeed doing an Arrested Development movie,” Tambor told at the premiere of Hellboy II on Saturday, the closing night of the L.A. Film Festival. “I am very excited about that. I love that cast and crew and I felt like we had more to say.”


Here’s hoping they serve salmon rolls at the premiere. In Heaven.

“How many times do I gotta tell this concession guy chicken wings?”

Rest assured I will be covering the living hell out of any further Development developments.

And I hope they find a place for Bob Loblaw and J. Walter Weatherman.