So sue me!

I liked The Fast and the Furious.

I loved 2 Fast 2 Furious.

(I didn’t see The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, because it had a new cast and didn’t really have anything to do with the other two, even though I’m sure it’s not terrible.)

I confess these things to you because I am not ashamed, and because there’s some new news about the franchise.

USA TODAY has these photos of original stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker teaming up for the first time since the first one in the latest installment called …

Fast and Furious.

Are you kidding me?

For the low, low price of $5.7 million, I would have given them the perfect title for this movie.

Are you ready?

You’re not.

But are you ready?

You can’t be.

Just get ready.

4ever Fast, 4ever Furious.


How did no one involved in the making of this movie not think of that?

I am not even going to look up the release date so I can live in anticipation of when it might come out.

And it’s not too late to use my title.

I’ll even give you a discount.