Batman is not Robin

Robin Hood, that is.

I don’t like to talk about rumors here on the blog, but there’s one going around, courtesy of The Daily Mail, that Christian Bale is in negotiations to play Robin Hood in Ridley Scott’s Nottingham, which has already cast Russell Crowe as the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sienna Miller (who was hilarious as a spoiled rich girl in Stardust) as Maid Marian.

Ain’t It Cool sweeps in to shoot down the rumor:

While I can’t provide any specifics, I can tell you this much: there is absolutely no truth to the Daily Mail’s rumor. Christian Bale is not playing Robin Hood. As for who might be picking up where Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Richard Gautier and a cartoon fox left off, I’m sure we’ll know soon, ‘cuz NOTTINGHAM is currently scheduled to begin shooting this August. I wonder what Paul Bettany’s up to.

Bale’s next movie is called THE DARK KNIGHT. I hear it’s pretty damn good.

Bale’s a busy man. In addition to what’s certain to be a whirlwind of publicity for The Dark Knight, he just wrapped Public Enemies for director Michael Mann, in which he plays a fed tracking down Johnny Depp’s Johnny Dillinger.

(Mr. Mann, my mother will write you a thank-you note for putting Bale and Depp in the same movie.)

He’s currently playing John Connor in the new Terminator movie, and you can read the production blog right here.

And then he’s going to go to work for director Joe Carnahan as another lawman chasing Javier Bardem’s Pablo Escobar in Killing Pablo.

And then he’ll make another Batman.

Well done, sir.