1. John Bierly says:

    I appreciate what Morrison is doing, Alexander, but it’s kind of losing its thrill for me. It’s getting a little too far out there in recent issues as it moves away from the purity of the first few. I do like the new Smallville comic a lot; the show was kind of a mess, but the comic is a wonderful portrayal of Superman.

  2. Alex Stevenson says:

     Yeah, Action Comics got really weird for a few issues, but I feel like it’s kinda found its feet again.  I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the back-ups though.  The stuff that dealt with the Kents and Clark remembering them and growing up in Smallville I really enjoyed.

    I’d have certainly done quite a few things differently if I were writing it, but I really like that Morrison has taken the character back to his Golden Age roots.  I wish he’d take some time to focus more on Clark’s life and status quo in Metropolis as Superman and as a reporter (I’ve always thought that was a neglected element of the character) and how those two lives influence one another.  Being introduced to Lex Luthor, Metallo, Brainiac AND Steel AND The Legion of Superheroes AND a future Superman Revenge Squad all so quickly has been too much.  Morrison has a lot of great ideas, I just wish he’d tone it down a bit and stay focused.

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