First Photo: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!

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I love it. It’s Selina Kyle through and through. Serious but sexy, without the slightest hints of silliness or sleaze.

And it’s also very telling that they put her on a Batpod, isn’t it?

Selina and Batman have always had such a hot, forbidden relationship in the comics, and there’s something really intimate about seeing her on one of his vehicles.

Because maybe she stole it.

And maybe she didn’t.

Either way, Hathaway looks fantastic. I love the high zipper, which reminds me a lot of the new look created for Catwoman in 2002 by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Darwyn Cooke.

(There’s a really great breakdown over at DC Women Kicking Ass.)

More secrets reside at the movie’s official site!