I know. I know. I haven’t written about the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises yet, but that article needs a lot more love and care than this one does.

Spider-Man 3 did such a number on my soul that I didn’t how how I could ever be excited about another Spider-Man movie. But so far the reboot seems to be getting everything right, and I’m particularly excited about lead actors Andrew Garfield (as Peter Parker) and Emma Stone (as his ill-fated first true love, Gwen Stacy).

The first trailer arrived today, and I think it looks, well, amazing. While I don’t feel the need to sit through another telling of the origin story, this feels like it’s going for something a lot deeper — especially with the inclusion of Peter’s mysterious parents and what seems to be some kind of ominous family secret driving the proceedings.

Deeper is fine, but darker isn’t. And the trailer does come across a bit mopey at times, but Garfield really captures Peter well, and I love how spindly and agile Spider-Man looks at the end.

I never liked the jerky movements of the CGI Spider-Man in the Raimi movies, so I’m glad to see so much being done on this film with practical effects. Lots of stunt footage from filming hit the Internet earlier this year, and it was thrilling to see a real stuntman in a real Spider-Man costume doing a real somersault onto a real moving truck. Computers make everything in movies so lazy these days, so it’s nice to see new director Marc Webb doing things old-school.

In fact, the thrilling P.O.V. Spider-Man action at the end of the trailer reminds me of what the opening of the ’70s TV series might have looked like with more money and logistics behind the camera. I love the shot of Spidey’s reflection rushing toward the windows!

Watch it here and let me know what you think …


  1. Aaron says:

    After watching the trailer I came to two conclusions. 1) It looks a million times better than the other 3. Except that POV stuff. I really hope that was for the trailer only to catch your attention. I do not want to sit through 30 minutes of that.

    2) Even though it looks better, there is nothing in this trailer that makes me want to see this movie. Reason being, I JUST saw it! The first 3 were not that long ago. I don’t need another Spider-Man origin. Honestly I’m not sure I need another Spider-Man period. That is unless Marvel got the rights somehow and through him in the Avengers. After discussing it at the shop I decided there would be only one thing to get me to see the movie and that is if Mysterio was the villian, or Big Wheel. And I doubt either of those things would be the case.

  2. AlexanderStevenson says:

    I have a hard time feeling sympathy for Peter Parker and his mopey-ness when he could easily make his life awesome and not have to live with his aunt or in a crummy apartment he can barely afford, not have to work for J. Jonah Jameson, not have to worry about paying his sick Aunt May’s medical bills, and not have to worry about girls, if he just took that webbing of his, went into business, marketed it and made a bazillion dollars.

    He somehow has the scientific wizardry to make and unprecedented substance that can revolutionize countless fields, but not the common sense to use put it to a use that would benefit millions, if not billions of people and make a fortune that would solve all his money problems at the same time? Sorry Parker, you don’t deserve my sympathy.

  3. Steerepike says:

    I did not like that trailer. That kid that is playing Peter gets under my skin for some reason. His hair-cut infuriates me, and the expressions on his face are dopey and empty looking. He doesn’t look like a boy genius. He looks like a clueless “C” student. I do, however, like that he’s a high-school kid, because I think Spider-Man works better as a boy and not a man.

    I hated the “Mirror’s Edge” bit at the end of the trailer. It looked bad. It looked like they were advertising “The Amazing Spider-Man: The Movie: The Game.”

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