The Dark Knight poster has arrived!

At the end of The Joker’s scavenger hunt today, the first poster for The Dark Knight finally arrived:

Click it to see it bigger.

It’s about 47 kinds of bad-ass.

Fans around the country followed The Joker’s clues to bakeries, where they picked up cakes stuffed with a cell phone, Joker cards and a letter from The Joker himself. When all the cakes had been picked up and all of The Joker’s instructions had been followed, the poster was revealed right here.

Click on the first Joker card to see the poster, and click on the second card to register for free tickets to see the Joker IMAX prologue before IMAX screenings of Will Smith’s I Am Legend in select cities and theaters on December 14!

Speaking of the IMAX Joker prologue, click here to read Patrick Sauriol’s review and here for MTV’s coverage.

And I’m going to need a copy of that poster.

And know we know a little more about what “Why So Serious?” means.