More Maggie Gyllen-hotness

Thanks to Bat-Gal Numero Uno Miranda Fox for pointing out these amazing scans from Maggie Gyllenhaal’s recent photo shoot and article from Elle UK.

Maggie plays Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend Rachel Dawes — now a Gotham City District Attorney — in next summer’s Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight.

And she might just be the hottest thing on the planet.

Oh, Maggie Gyllenhaal. I know we’ve only known each other four weeks and three days, but to me it seems like nine weeks and five days.

The first day seemed like a week, and the second day seemed like five days.

And the third day seemed like a week again, and the fourth day seemed like eight days.

And the fifth day you went to see your mother, and that seemed just like a day, and then you came back, and later, on the sixth day, in the evening, when we saw each other, that started seeming like two days.

So in the evening it seemed like two days, spilling over into the next day, and that started seeming like four days.

So at the end of the sixth day, on into the seventh day, it seemed like a total of five days.

And the sixth day seemed like a week and a half.

I have it written down, but I can show it to you tomorrow if you want to see it.

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