Bale talks Tom Hardy; says he’d come back for a fourth Batman if Nolan asks

MTV has shared a bit more of their interview with Christian Bale that I linked to earlier today; in this installment Bale briefly mentions¬†Tom Hardy (who’s been cast in The Dark Knight Rises in a role that’s yet to be revealed) being “a balls-out actor” and goes into a bit more detail about what it would take to get him back in the cape for a fourth installment.

The answer is simple: Christopher Nolan.

When asked if Rises will be his last outing as Batman, he says, “I think so. That’s up to Chris. That was always what the discussion was. But you know, if Chris says, ‘I see another story here,’ then we’ll be up for it. But in my mind, I’m expecting this will be it.”

I do believe this will be the last Nolan/Bale Batman movie … but it’s nice to know Bale would be up for it if the call came to visit Gotham City once again.

And may I just say how exciting it is to be in the full swing of Batman movie mania again?

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(Big thanks to Bat-Vixen Miranda Fox for pointing this one out!)