Info coming soon on the third Nolan/Bale Batman!

Bill Ramey — the biggest Batman movie fan on the planet and a reporter whose integrity and accuracy can’t be beat — is teasing today that news on the third Nolan/Bale Batman movie is coming soon:

Three years ago, it was about at this point in the production of BATMAN BEGINS that rumors about the sequel started making the rounds. Looks like that’s the case again, so be looking out for a “TDK Sequel” rumors report coming soon. Meow!


As in … Catwoman?

Rock on. I hope they film it tomorrow and release it one week after the next installment, The Dark Knight, which opens at a theater near you and me on July 18, 2008.

Life is good.

Rutger Hauer is going to come to my house and say, “It’s all a bit technical. The key thing is, our franchise’s future is secure.”

So keep your eyes on Batman on Film today. Because it’s going to get nuts.

(“You wanna gets nuts? Come on! Let’s get nuts!”)