Dark Knight crew member dies in crash

Last night I got an email from The Greg with a link to this story about a fatal accident that happened during production of next summer’s Batman Begins continuation, The Dark Knight.

Almost every other article I post here is about Batman. I’ve loved the character all my life, and the version of the Dark Knight brought to life by Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and the wonderful creators and cast and crew who make these movies is the one truest to my own vision of the character — not just a symbol of terror to the criminals of Gotham City, but also a symbol of goodness and courage and hope to those he fights for.

My sincerest condolences go out to the family and friends of the departed. He’d dedicated his life to making movies to entertain people and give them something to enjoy and feel good about. That will always be remembered and appreciated. So thank you, sir, for doing something that truly made people’s lives happier and better. That’s forever.