The Dark Knight (teaser trailer) returns!

On July 27, the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight was revealed after at the end of an online scavenger hunt that combined clues, passwords and even activity on the ground at the San Diego Comic-Con.

I’ve got a recap of that day’s events right here, but The Joker’s “Why So Serious?” website was later replaced by the next phase of the film’s viral marketing campaign and the teaser disappeared.


Our good friends over at Yahoo! Movies have now posted various high-definition versions of the teaser which you can view in all of it’s rockin’ glory right here.

There’s no actual footage from the film, but the dialogue is top-drawer and Heath Ledger’s Joker laugh at the end is nothing short of terrifying.

The first full trailer with actual footage from the film is heavily rumored to debut online — and in theaters with the Will smith horror/actioner I Am Legend — on December 14. This makes a lot of sense, given The Joker’s previous warning that he’ll see us in December.

This movie can’t get here fast enough.