The Joker’s "Why So Serious?" plan is in motion!


They changed the website again, and the trailer links are gone. But you can still see the trailer here.


You can watch and download THE DARK KNIGHT TEASER TRAILER right HERE!


New photo of The Joker (Heath Ledger), Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and a knife:

Click it for a larger version!

Remember last night when I told you about The Joker’s new website at

Go there RIGHT NOW because something big is going down across from the convention center in San Diego where Comic-Con International is happening!

You start by calling this number: (800) 395-9646

… which was revealed by JETS in the air over the convention center. (Big thanks to Batman on Film for the video.)


The phone message from The Joker’s captive reveals the first password, and the following passwords are revealed by following the clues on each page:

inside joke

jack the ripper


(Don’t forget to click on the mp3 to hear The Joker laughing!)

crime of passion

head games

(Move your mouse over the defaced dollar bill and turn up your speakers.)

74 bars

(Don’t forget to click on The Joker’s police report!)


gaslamp dan haslam


(Click on the word “knife” to see this photo of The Joker and Rachel!)

baseball bat

(There’s another Joker file to click on.)


(Get it? That’s what the missing letters spell.)




And then the final page is right here. There’s another Joker File, and a little flickering trailer link between “Nobody goes home empty handed!” and “Thanks for the smiles!”


Sorry for my extended absence, guys … I was at work when I started this and luckily didn’t get fired. :) I do have a friend there, but the last thing I heard from him was that he was inside the Warner Bros. presentation. I haven’t heard from him since. I am at home now and will start updates again. Thanks for your help and your patience!


Sonny posted this in the comments: “When everyone got to the final spot, a limo pulled up and one guy jumped in and was rushed off, apparently he won and got the ‘job.’ Everyone else was given a clown mask and told that their partners online would have a thank you gift at the end of the challenge. Guessing that’s the trailer.” Sonny also says, “2971759 was the limo plate number,” and therefore the final password to unlock the trailer. Thanks!


Still no word from my friend who’s there, but I’m not sure he’s actually outside at the event. When last we spoke, he was inside the convention center at the Warner Bros. panel. I’ll let you know as soon as I know something!


I’m going back through from the beginning and making every password a link. Click on the link, and that’s the password for that page.


For those of you having trouble downloading the trailer, here’s my description!


I’m still going through it again and updating the links. Thanks again for your patience, and I cannot thank all of you enough for your contributions to the mission. Each and every one of you rocks. Don’t ever forget it.


My friend Kareem just called, and he said that Warner Bros. didn’t even show the teaser at the panel. Come on!


Thanks again to all of you who participated! I’m off for the evening. More to come soon, I’m sure, if any new announcements are made at Comic-Con. This is only going to be the best movie ever.


Watch and download the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight right HERE!


They changed the website again, and the trailer links are gone. But you can still see the trailer here.


  1. matt says:

    the REAL dr.death’s real name was Jack Kevorkian, but im not sure if thats the next password

  2. Shakeynate says:

    I am stuck at the check point 2 it says to enter i feel pretty but it didn’t end up working, nor did mountebank.

  3. M says:

    ive been hearing that a bunch of different alterations of Gaslamp Dan Haslam have been working. i.e. just “haslam”, “dan haslam”, caslamp dan haslam”, etc.

  4. STC says:

    All versions of Dan Haslam (gaslamp,caslamp)are not working for me, any one know what the real answer is?

  5. John says:

    Hang in there, guys! The WhySoSerious site is moving really slow from all the activity on it!

    Matt! As for predictions … it’s hard to say! I hope the end result is that Maggie Gyllenhaal comes to my house and makes out with me.

  6. joseph says:

    im on the checkpoint 2 with the connect the dots phrase at the end..anyone know the password

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