The Joker strikes again!


Watch and download the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight right HERE!



The viral marketing for The Dark Knight continues …

In May, The Joker launched his first website.

It was a spoof on the campaign website for Harvey Dent. As you looked at a copy of Harvey’s campaign poster with clown makeup drawn all over it, the poster slowly dissolved into this photo of The Joker’s face:

But soon The Joker’s website disappeared. Or did it? When you went to the page, it was blank except for a message saying it had been taken down. But when you did a “Select All” on the page, it revealed lots of “ha”s with a few random letters mixed around. If you put all the random letters together, they spelled, “See you in December.”

The Joker has struck yet again with a new website:

Why So Serious?

… and this time, he’s defacing Uncle Sam.

The coordinates at the bottom of the page go to San Diego. And that’s where Comic-Con International is happening this weekend. And the countdown is ticking down to the time of the Warner Bros. presentation.


And awesome.