Odds and Indianas

Producer Frank Marshall talked to Connecticut’s New Haven Register yesterday, and said director Steven Spielberg is shooting the new Indiana Jones movie just like the other three. According to Marshall, they’re not “cheating” with computer-generated graphics.

This makes me very happy. Given executive producer George Lucas’s total (and debilitating) reliance on CG in the Star Wars prequels, I was afraid he’d try to push computery stunts and backgrounds on Spielberg for Indy IV.

Excellent political commentator/cartoonist Tom Tomorrow snapped some of the coolest pictures I’ve ever seen of how the production turned downtown New Haven into 1957. The bottom photos show the stunt doubles of Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf cruising around town on a motorcycle.

And then, Just Jared posted a whole bunch of shots of Harrison and Shia themselves on the bike! (Be careful. There are a couple of ads on the page that might get you fired if you’re at work.)

Totally awesome. I can’t wait for this.

Let’s take the motorcycle with the sidecar filled with hot dogs and Cokes to see Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures on May 22, 2008!