Review: Rally’s A-1 Crispy Onion burger

When last I spoke of Rally’s, it was with a heavy heart — their decision to fancify their Big Buford ended up taking away all the simple things that made it so great.

(Though in the meantime I’ve found a solution in their Double Rally Burger, which is delicious and basically what the Buford used to be.)

(And maybe the heart heaviness is actually just cholesterol.)

Right now Rally’s is doing their new Unbelieva-Burgers promotion, and I just finished the A-1 Crispy Onion.


Outstanding. There’s no fast food patty that matches the flavor of the Little Place with the Big Taste, and this burger marries that meat under a sesame seed bun with crispy fried onion straws, melted cheese sauce, and a healthy slathering of A-1 steak sauce.

Sometimes burgers like this can be too sloppy, which has been a valid criticism of some of the messier chicken sandwiches Rally’s has offered in the past.

Not so with this tasty marvel. The two sauces complement each other perfectly with just the right amount of zing, and I couldn’t get enough of the pleasing crunch of the onion straws.

For backup, I got a Rallyburger with no pickles and no mustard. I still find it to be the most explosively tasty fast food burger on the planet.

My total was $2.14 for both burgers, and I washed them down with a crisp, clean Mountain Dew Throwback from home.

I’ll probably skip the Bacon Cheddar Crisp because I don’t like the idea of ground-up bacon, but I’ll definitely try the Mushroom Swiss next week, and I’ll certainly get another A-1 Crispy Onion. It’s just a ridiculous amount of flavor and punch for your burger buck.


  1. Harmony says:


    Good to know for your sake John. We don’t have a Rally’s anywhere near us. Then again…..we don’t have anything near us. No….I take that back. After all these fast foodless years we finally got a Subway and a Starbucks. The Army drags it’s feet kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century.

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