Bale hints at his third Batman film

Stephen Whitty over at The Star-Ledger has written an awesome article/career retrospective about Christian Bale in which Bale briefly mentions a second sequel to Batman Begins.

The first sequel, The Dark Knight, is filming in Chicago now for a July 18, 2008 release. Bale tells Whitty, “The script leaves room for a very interesting follow-up.”

Check out the article to read the rest. It’s a winner.

Meanwhile, Jett from Batman on Film was invited to the set in Chicago this weekend — lucky! — and has this to say about what he saw while there: “I have NO idea how they’re going to be able to top this film.” And this is coming from a guy who’s been the numero-uno watchdog for Batman fans. Jett calls it like he sees it, and reading his comment makes me even more excited.

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