Fox News makes stuff up about The Office!

The rocket scientists over at Fox News are at it again.

In the offending article, Fox’s Roger Friedman — one of the most useless and often just-plain-wrong “writers” around — asserts that NBC “could be thinking” about about spinning Dwight K. Schrute — played to perfection by the spectacularly hilarious Rainn Wilson — off from The Office and into his own series.

Shortly thereafter, the good folks over at TV Guide put the hammer down and called Fox’s story out for the hogwash it is.

I still haven’t figured Roger Friedman out. He either flat-out makes stuff up, or he can’t get his quotes right.

Which means he’s either a jackass or an idiot.

I’m leaning toward a whole lot of both.

Either way, this man should not be getting paid for questionable conjectures while those of us who care about the truth are blogging for peanuts.

You are pathetic, sir. And you can take THAT to the bank.