Batman press conference in Chicago tomorrow!


My friend Chelsea predicts the contents of the press conference:

Christian Bale: The Batman suit is black.

Christopher Nolan: The Batmobile is black.

Christian Bale: Morgan Freeman is black.

Christopher Nolan: Thank you all for coming.


Check out the comments — a reader from Chicago says the press conference is at 12:30 p.m. at the University of Chicago and she’s going to try to get in. We’ll see what happens, and big thanks for Laura for stopping by with the news!


Looks like it happened at City Hall. Go right here for video and info!

Bill “Jett” Ramey, the world’s best Batman reporter, just broke the news on his Batman on Film site that director Christopher Nolan and Batman himself — Mr. Christian Bale — will be holding a press conference tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 at a “yet-to-be-determined location in Chicago.”

Nolan and Bale making The Prestige

I hope they announce they’re quitting everything else to make a new Batman movie every year for the rest of their careers.

I’ll keep my eyes on Jett’s site tomorrow and report back here with whatever the news is as soon as it breaks!

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Are we there yet?