“Storm’s coming.”

I began this site for two reasons — to share bloggings with a girl who urged me to join Wordpess, and to post news about Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies starring Christian Bale as Batman.

The girl is now who-knows-where and can stay there, but Nolan and Bale haven’t let me down yet.

And yet …

Despite the gargantuan success of The Dark Knight, news about another Nolan/Bale Bat-outing has been as elusive as Bruce Wayne in the pages of DC Comics these days. (But that’s an essay for another time.)

That’s slowly beginning to change.

Deadline Hollywood reported yesterday that the television series Flash Forward is losing its showrunner, David Goyer, who crafted the stories for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with director Nolan.

(Christopher’s brother, Jonathan, joined them on The Dark Knight.)

And amid all the other reporting came this innocent little sentence:

Of course, Goyer’s feature career is really heating up, since he co-wrote Batman Begins, and penned the story for The Dark Knight, and is now writing the third Batman installment with Chris Nolan’s brother Jonah.

Author Nikki Finke tends to stay way in the know, and she wouldn’t toss out something like that if she didn’t know what she was talking about.

And don’t forget that my friend Bill “Jett” Ramey let us in on that secret a full year ago.

Jett will tell you himself that he knows more about the progress of the next Batman movie than he can say, but he’s keeping it close to the chest because of his very same senses of honor and integrity that keep me checking out Batman on Film every day. Being a contributor (of comic book reviews) to B.O.F. has been a massive honor, and when the time comes for the official announcement, you can bet that Jett will be reporting it with more vigor than any other news source around.

So what’s been taking so long?

Nolan is now putting the finishing touches on his science fiction epic, Inception, which opens July 16. For more information about the movie, I urge you to read this excellent interview he did with Hero Complex. And once you’ve done that, check out the amazing trailer on Yahoo.

We probably won’t get official word about the Batman movie until Inception arrives this summer.

Until then, let’s keep our eyes on Batman on Film. Just in case.