Kevin and Walter make a Batman

DC Comics has released the first issue (of three) of Batman: Cacophony by writer Kevin Smith — yes, that Kevin Smith — and artist Walter Flanagan.

My review is right here:

Review: Batman: Cacophony #1


Big thanks as always to Bill “Jett” Ramey, the hardest-working Batman fan on the planet, for the opportunity and the gig!


  1. LikaLaruku says:

    After Kevin told us it was set in the past at the Viewaskew forums, we’ve been putting bets on how far back. I think it’s set in late 88/early 89, another guy thinks it’s 1993 & another guy thinks it’s 2002. They’re going by Onomonopea, I’m going by the Joker’s low ranking on Batman’s list & the seemingly fresh anger Batman has about Jason’s would-be death.

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