Superman and Spider-Man team up for Obama

I love stories like this.

Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire and Superman Brandon Routh bumped into each other at Abram Simon Elementary in Washington D.C. on Martin Luther King Day while heeding then-President-Elect Obama’s call for community service.

You can read all about it — and watch their meeting on video — here.

(And there’s a another bit about this, along with a photo of Brandon and his gorgeous wife, actress Courtney Ford, right here.)

(Photo taken with permission from

Yeah, yeah, I have my problems with the story of Superman Returns, but Routh was visiting sick kids in hospitals before the movie even came out. He has honored the role and the responsibility of being Superman both on camera and off, and he continues to crusade for causes that are important to children. I have nothing but the absolute highest respect for the guy.

(Photo taken with permission from

Here’s another great photo of Brandon talking to the kids, and more video here.