And that's when my blog became a Gap commercial …

… but I swear it’s for a good cause.

And by good cause, I mean sharing something fun with you.

(And big thanks to your friend and mine, Melissa, for sharring it with me.)

Go here … MerryMixIt

… to check out “a surprise holiday cast” mixing it up to sing Christmas songs while wearing Gap attire.

My favorite is Rainn Wilson and Selma Blair. I have the hots for Selma Blair. Check her out this week on DVD in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which is also an excellent film above and beyond the hotness of Selma Blair. Is it wrong that I don’t like NBC’s Kath & Kim, but I still sometimes watch it because Selma Blair wears trashy outfits? Probably. But I’m learning to cope with it.

Be sure, too, to check out the one with Jon Heder dancing hilariously (yet skillfully) while Janelle MonĂ¡e belts out a tune. (That Napoleon Dynamite is a good-lookin’ dude.)

I’m not so big on Sarah Bernhardt, but the one she does with the Dixie Chicks is good. (The Chicks look and sound amazing, and Natalie’s eyes are so blue, blue, blue.)

Freddy Rodriguez, Jason Biggs, and the particularly hilarious Romany Malco do a hilarious “We Three Kings.”

Fun stuff.

(And Kelly, this one is for you.)

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