Regarding BATMAN (2016) #60

“It’s Batman,” a grizzled Harvey Bullock gruffly tells a frazzled Jim Gordon of our increasingly unhinged hero’s savage assaults on Mr. Freeze, KGBeast, Bane, and, well, Jim Gordon. “Anything’s possible.”

Gordon doesn’t want to believe his friend has fallen this far off the deep end; across Gotham City’s rooftops, Batman brazenly brutalizes one Rogues Gallery goon after another for answers about The Penguin’s claim that Bane is running the entire town from a secret throne in the bowels of Arkham Asylum.

Beneath Wayne Manor, meanwhile, Alfred Pennyworth and Oswald Cobblepot discuss poetry and Oswald’s poor, murdered Penny over tea and sardines; Bane sought to assassinate the former and now needs to neutralize the latter, and we all know how far Santa Prisca’s Patron Saint of Back-Breaking will go to achieve his wicked ends.

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