Regarding BATMAN (2016) #44

And here I’ve been worried for weeks about the external threats that might muck up the impending marriage of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle! In issue 44, writer Tom King reflects on how their tumultuous past might affect their matrimonial present by presiding over a holy union of another kind, bringing artists Mikel Janín and Joëlle Jones together under the same roof for yet another impossibly handsome issue of what’s consistently been one of the best looking books on the market.

It’s 2:37 a.m., and Selina Kyle can’t sleep. Slipping from the bed she shares with The Batman, she suits up to swing from Gotham’s gargoyles before swan-diving into the nearest sewer… with a bomb? As she blows a hole beneath a bridal shop and slinks inside, she begins to reminisce about all the things she and Bruce have been over the years… and how almost all of it has had an element of antagonism. Does that apply to today? Are their very natures so at odds that they’ll never work out, or does each partner bring out all the things the other needs?

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