Regarding BATMAN (2016) #43

As nasty as the tactics and action in “The War of Jokes and Riddles” got, writer Tom King brought the weight of it home by capably communicating the emotional effects (and fallout) the battle had on Batman’s soul.

In this issue’s conclusion of “Everyone Loves Ivy,” King returns to those dark days to demonstrate how they’ve driven Ivy to her current status as the horticultural queen of the world. After an outrageous plan for getting punched full-on in the face by Superman lands Batman in the care of Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the pieces begin to fall into place for the unraveling of Ivy’s reign. Bruce communicates with Ivy via Harley as Selina speaks to her in person; the women discussing the roles they played (or, in Selina’s case, didn’t) in the Joker/Riddler battle royale, while Bruce reminds Ivy that anyone can come back from anything… if they want to.

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